Aditya Engineering college

Best Practice


Best Practice-1 :
Inculcating the research spirit in the faculty and students in order to achieve progressive technological advancements Research is a never-ending pursuit for knowledge that is used for advancement of society in the information era. Today’s world is evolving quickly by creating opportunities for new research efforts to improve peoples lives. Keeping up with the everincreasing wants and demands has become the most important factor. Continuous research and development of new products and initiatives has become necessary to fulfill such demands. This prompted the Institute to advance its RD activities, which focuses on a variety of autonomous disciplines and fosters multidisciplinary research. Teaching and research must coexist. The college promotes research in the following ways and means to achieve such goals: Sponsoring for seminars/conference/workshops/Orientation courses /refresher courses like STTPs, FDPs, SDPs, etc. by paying registration fee, TA/DA with paid leave. Financial incentives like paying registration fee for publications in journals and conferences and TA/DA for presentation of technical papers in various International/National conferences and special incentives for publication of research papers in good impact factors as well as Scopus papers. Modernization of laboratories with research facilities Exposure to international expertise by organizing invited lectures, work-shops, seminars and conferences etc. Providing high end computing facilities, with internet, WiFi, and other facilities The supporting staffs is also encouraged to upgrade their skills by being deputed to relevant authorized /recognized training centers in their respective trades/fields.

Best Practice-2 :
A unique counseling process is followed in which every faculty are allocated 20 students as a proctor with an objective to constantly follow the student progress and accordingly suggest changes in the case of any deviation. For every faculty ranging from Assistant Professor to Professor level, 20 students were assigned to look after their academic progress. One reason why student’s opinion increases after using proctors is that they realize that proctors may be highly valuable throughout their course stay, even helping many students to accomplish educational advancement in the first place. Because most people do not focus on it, but here are some ways where proctors help students reaching their educational and evaluative goals. The most evident and easy way is that proctors help students by ensuring more equitable learning environment for all. The restrictions, such as how long it lasts and what materials are authorized or prohibited, are set by professors and administrative authorities. However, someone must police those laws, which is tough to do when students are dispersed all over the world. Proctors have a huge influence since it is clearly wrong to have some students follow the rules while others do not. By prohibiting cheating and giving everyone an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, proctors play a crucial role in ensuring the students who sincerely study and accomplish the work.