Computer Science and Engineering Aditya Engineering college



S.No Name Qualification Current Position Position in the Academic Council
1 Dr. M.Sreenivasa Reddy M.Tech., Ph.D. Principal , Aditya Engineering College Chairman
2 Prof. P.Ravi Kishore M.Tech., (Ph.D.) HOD - Dept. of CE Member
3 Dr. V. SrinivasaRao M.Tech., Ph.D. HOD - Dept. of EEE Member
4 Dr. B.H.Varaprasad M.E., Ph.D. HOD - Dept. of ME Member
5 Prof. G. Sri Devi M.Tech., (Ph.D.) HOD - Dept. of ECE Member
6 Prof. A. Vanathi M.Tech., (Ph.D.). HOD - Dept. of CSE Member
7 Prof. M. Raja Babu M.Tech., (Ph.D.) HOD - Dept. of IT Member
8 Prof.Satyajeet Parida M.Tech., HOD - Dept. of Min.E Member
9 Dr. R. Giri Prasad M.Tech.,Ph.D. HOD - Dept. of PT Member
10 Prof.Gupta Rahul Kumar M.Tech HOD - Dept. of Ag.E Member
11 Dr. N. Visalakshi MBA.,Ph.D. HOD - Dept. of Management Studies Member
12 Prof.V.V.Gopal Rao MCA,M.Tech. HOD - Dept. of MCA Member
13 Dr.M.S.C.Sophia MA.,Ph.D HOD - Dept. of English Member
14 Dr. Ch. V. S. Prasad M.Sc.,Ph.D. HOD - Dept. of Maths Member
15 Dr.T. Narendrudu M.Sc.,Ph.D. HOD - Dept. of Physics Member
16 Dr. S. ArunaKumari M.Sc.,Ph.D. HOD - Dept. of Chemistry Member
17 Dr. R. Srinivas M.Tech.,Ph.D. Professor, Dept.of CSE & Dean (Statutory Bodies) Faculty Nominee
18 Dr. K.V.S.R.Murthy M.Tech., Ph.D. Professor, Dept of EEE & Dean (R&D) Faculty Nominee
19 Prof. J. Pavan M.Tech., (Ph.D.) Professor, Dept.of EEE & Dean (Evaluation) Faculty Nominee
20 Prof. V. Satyanarayana M.Tech.,(Ph.D.) Professor, Dept. of ECE Faculty Nominee
21 Dr. Prasad Krishna M.Tech., Ph.D Professor, Dept.of ME, NITK, Surathkal, Karnataka Governing Body Nominee
22 Dr.N.C.ShivaPrakash M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor, Dept.of Instrumentation, IISC, Bangalore Governing Body Nominee
23 Dr. Srinivasan Chandrasekaran M.Tech. Ph.D. Professor, Dept.of Ocean, IIT Madras, Chennai Governing Body Nominee
24 Dr.Ram K Sharma M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Dean, UG Studies and Student Welfare, Shiv Nadar University, Noida, UP. Governing Body Nominee
25 Dr.R.Srinivas Rao M.Tech., Ph.D. Professor, Dept.of EEE, UCEK and Director of Academic & Planning, JNTUK, Kakinada University Nominee
26 Dr.L.Sumalatha M.Tech., Ph.D. Professor, Dept.of CSE, UCEK and Director of Evaluation, JNTUK, Kakinada University Nominee
27 Dr.P.Subbarao M.Tech., Ph.D. Professor, Dept of CE and Director of Library & e-Learning Resources JNTUK, Kakinada University Nominee
28 Dr. S. Rama Sree M.Tech.,Ph.D. Professor, Dept.of CSE& Dean (Academics) Member Secretary